Canon Tyler is a home grown singer-songwriter from the hills of north Georgia. His songs tell stories of pride, hope, hard times and tough breaks as they pertain to life at the fringes of Appalachia. With sonic elements of Bluegrass and contemporary acoustic music, Tyler’s lyrics blend the story telling aspects of traditional American folk and Laurel Canyon era singer-songwriters. Together these elements create a sound that is both fresh and familiar to fans of roots music.

With his first full-length album, “Hangin’ On”, Tyler looked to capture the core of each song and employed a stripped back approach to recording. The result is a minimalistic production featuring Canon, his guitar, a fiddle and vocal harmonies from long-time live performing partner Emilee Bradford. With no added frills or distractions, “Hangin’ On” serves up the very heart of each song with a sound as rustic as the Appalachian mountains from which they came.